Focus is no longer on winning the game

Stop Worrying About What Others Think Of Your Performance

Here are a couple questions to consider: Do you worry too much about what others think about your performance? Do you become tense or anxious because you might disappoint others? If so, this article is just what you are looking for.

The Implications of Social Approval and How It Robs Your Sports Performance

Do you care a lot about what others think? Do you want to impress others? Do you want others respect? Do you fear embarrassment self/others? Do you fear you’re going to let others down?

When you have these kinds of thoughts, you are essentially playing the game for others and not yourself. Since you can’t really control what others think, you over play when you have the thoughts that you must impress others or gain their respect. Whilst it feels good to have the approval and following of others, trying to attain this as a prime motivation for being on the field causes anxiety and therefore diminished performance.

Embarrassment is a dreadful feeling of having done something in front of others or in public which may not be morally wrong but is socially unacceptable. It is similar to shame except embarrassment is always a public thing. The emotion is also a diminisher of performance on the field as the person feeling it makes him moap, contributing less to the team.

Even the act of being embarrassed is feared and the whole thing becomes a complex. It spreads from one team member to another in many different ways and the whole team plays badly. Anxiety takes control and the situation degenerates, leading to all sorts of negative thoughts as anxiety spreads into other areas of the player’s life.

Performance Anxiety “We Have a Situation.”

The player becomes so obsessed with not wanting to let the team down that it isn’t play anymore. He becomes anxious or worried about what the spectators think, what the team members think and what the opposing team thinks. Focus is no longer on winning the game. Now it’s on not making mistakes. With anxiety running rampant, the player performs tight, tentatively and tensed up. The player loses confidence in himself and does not trust the practice he has been through. He becomes irritable and pessimistic. This player has to go because now he’s truly pulling the team down.

Where did all this start in the first place?

When you try to figure other people out, things go crazy. Figuring someone out is trying to read his mind and know what he is thinking when he has not voiced it. Are you a mind reader? Do you spend too much time watching others who are watching you?

Here’s Three Steps to Put Performance Anxiety in Check

Stop trying to read other’s minds. You are assuming or judging what others are thinking instead of keeping your thoughts home on just playing the game and having fun. Almost always the people you are trying to read are much too busy in their own game to be concerned with the fact that you’ve fumbled the ball. Refocus on task at hand. Play for yourself, not others Don’t worry about impressing your parents Don’t try to get acceptance from parents and peers. You can’t be in two places at once. You will either worry about acceptance or you will focus on own goals. Stop worrying about what others expect.

Have Unconditional self respect Looking for approval or being liked from others to feel better about self is inferior to separating self from the performer and then accept self. You must know who you are.

Alternative Health Modalities that Work Wonders for Sufferers of Performance Anxiety

If you find you are suffering extensively and abnormally from anxiety, performance anxiety and worrying, there are more powerful and effective things you can do to help yourself without psychiatric medicines which can adversely affect performance due to drowsiness ## ## . Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short, is an alternative health remedy which is especially effective on combating performance anxiety and phobias in just about any situation where it occurs.

Based on acupuncture, the effectiveness comes in tapping (replaces acupuncture needles) on the appropriate meridian points known to stimulate those regions of the brain where these emotions originate.

Hypnotherapy is another well known sports medicine which is now incorporated into the conventional medical system and no longer considered an alternative health modality. There may be other modalities that will work but most of these are very similar to meridian tapping techniques. The beauty of these methods is that there are no drugs involved at all.

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